Inuk super-compact
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Flat legs and arms design (patent pending) substitute traditional tripod tubular legs to reach unparalleled compactness. Pocketsize like a mobile phone when shut, it opens three legs and two foldable arms to accommodate VSLR, mirrorless, action cameras, smart phones and tablets along with accessories such as lights, flashes and microphones up to 1.5 kg payload.

Inuk interview
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Inuk becomes your all-in-one support for interviews or live recording with the ergonomic handle, while foldable arms support together microphone and light.

Inuk action videos
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Inuk straps and action camera create your own dynamic videos. Inuk is a lightweight composite, rock solid platform, perfect for shooting on cars, bikes and motorbikes.

Inuk selfie
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Inuk is quick and user friendly to make selfie with its magnets from incredible perspectives. Used in combination with our ball head you can turn your device to the best angle to film.

Inuk near to you
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Inuk supports your tablet whenever you need it right next to you thanks to the super suction cups.

Inuk like a Pro!
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Inuk is much more than a product: it is an open and expandable video-photo platform. Inuk with magnets give you extraordinary creative chances.

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Starter Kit

All you need to start using Inuk
$39.95+VAT instead of $56.50
  • Inuk support
  • 1/4" - 20 screw
  • Straps 3x


More video and photo applications
$47.95+VAT instead of $71.50
  • Inuk support
  • 1/4" - 20 screw
  • Straps 3x
  • Ballhead
  • Ergonomic handle

Video Maniac

Inuk with all the best accessories
$56.95+VAT instead of $101.50
  • Inuk Support
  • 1/4" - 20 screw
  • Straps 3x
  • Ballhead
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Magnets 3x
  • Suction cups 3x

Connecting any camera to any surface

Inuk is an open and expandable video-photo platform

Lightweight & Patent Pending

Inuk weights only 160 g and its technology and design are Patent Pending.


Inuk is pocket-sized like an average smatphone (17 x 9 x 2,5 cm).


Inuk design and a full set of amazing accessories make it expandable and extremely versatile.

Strong carbon fiber composite

Inuk has a professional look and feel thanks to usage of carbon fiber composite materials. Payload 1.5 Kg.

Made in Italy

The exclusive design of Inuk is Made in Italy born from the love for the beauty that surrounds us in a country unique in the world.

Robust & User Friendly

Inuk is an user friendly mechanical product, engineered by experienced of professionals in supports.

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