When and where Inuk will be officially launched? Inuk will be launched on a Kickstarter campaign whose kick-off is scheduled on March the 1st. Inuk will be offered in several configuration and kits, available for up to 50% off retail sales prices for Kickstarter supporters. Stay tuned and follow Inuk updates by subscribing to our biweekly newsletter.

When Inuk will be available for preorder? Inuk will be available for preorder since
March the 1st on Kickstarter and, since April the 15th – right after the end of Kickstarter campaign – on InukTech site at a discounted promotional price.

What does “preorder” mean? Inuk mass production is not running yet but the product will be available soon. Shipping is scheduled for July 2019, though this estimate may change if there are unforeseen circumstances in the development or production process. We will always keep our customers well-informed of any changes.

What materials is Inuk made of? Plate, legs and arms are made of carbon fiber composite materials to combine lightness, strength and rigidity. The hinges are made of a special reinforced technopolymer for rigidity, durability and strength. The feet are made of soft rubber to improve grip on surfaces. On the plate and arms there are rubbers to improve grip and connection with the cameras and accessories.

What is the Inuk’s maximum payload? Maximu payload of Inuk used on a stable, still surface is 1.5kg. On dynamic usages some limitations can apply.

What are the main accessories to bond Inuk to a surface? This is the list of accessories presently offered but in continous development:

– Magnets– Straps
– Suction cups – Ball head
– Clamps – Super suction cups


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