Inuk introduction

Inuk fits in your pockets combining lightness, versatility, ease of use and robustness of carbon fiber.

Inuk is a patent pending innovative video-photo support entirely designed and made in Italy: flat legs and arms design substitute traditional tripod tubular legs to reach unparalleled compactness.

Pocketsize like a mobile phone when shut, it opens three legs and two foldable arms to accommodate VSLR, mirrorless, action cameras, smart phones and tablets along with accessories such as lights, flashes and microphones up to 1.5 kg payload.

Inuk is an open platform, expandable through a wide range of accessories and connectors: ¼” -20 universal camera screw, smart phone adapter, GoPro adapter, mini ball head, tablet adapter.

Inuk can be placed, tied or connected in any position on any surface – both still and moving – by means of magnets, suction cups, clamps, straps, etc. .

Inuk specifications

Product Weight160g
Maximum Load1.50kg
Maximum Height12cm
Maximum Width (open arms)42cm
Dimensions when closed17 x 9 x 2.5 cm
6.69 x 3.54 x 0.98in

Inuk dimensions